Friday, August 9, 2019

Undergraduate Education by Marty Nemko Assignment

Undergraduate Education by Marty Nemko - Assignment Example Nemko feels that lectures are very unproductive, however, colleges are a big business and use of lectures is the cheapest method to instruct the masses. He further argues that several professors lack the desire to educate undergraduates, but do it anyway since that’s where the cash lies. The rate of graduation at 4-year colleges is about 40%, which would be not acceptable in any other enterprise. Nemko elaborates the statistics used by colleges to make them appear more elite. He has a feeling that colleges misleadingly advertise custom-made experience amongst other things. He then elucidates what he would do to fix the system. Nemko wants colleges to provide reports that have got genuine statistics and that can directly apply to an individual. He claims that this would at least provide a student with a reasonable preview of his/her next 4 years. Nemko favors online interactive lecture and concludes by stating that continued funding of these poor enterprises will yield and chan ge nothing. It is therefore very clear that Marty Nemko presents an effective argument in â€Å"America’s Most Overrated Product: Undergraduate Education†. Nemko is very clear in his presentation as to why a college education is the most overrated product in America. He in no uncertain terms presents his argument using factual data that he has authoritatively researched on. He explains how even the parents who have no money will spare nothing to have their kids get a college education. He calls it mortgaging their future so as to pay for their children’s college education and gives the approximate figures of $200,000 for a 4-year college degree.

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