Sunday, August 25, 2019

Reformation in Northern Europe has an effect on painting Essay

Reformation in Northern Europe has an effect on painting - Essay Example The essay "Reformation in Northern Europe has an effect on painting" analyzes what influence has the reformation in Nothern Europe on painting. In fact, reformation led to the fromation of protenstantism with constituent branches spread across Europe. The spread of reformation was enahanced by use of images, which become remarkably effective in dissemination of information regarding the negaitve practices of the church that the reformationists were opposed to thus art was applied to popularize the reformation movement . First, the main cause of the reformation was deeply rooted in dissatisfaction with the practices upheld by the church. This movement is attributed to protests founded by a German named Martin Luther who was an Augustinian monk. In 1517, he expressed his arguments against the abuse of indulgences that were solely official pardons granted upon repentance of one’s sins. The particular objection raised by the reformist was the parctice of selling indulgences that a llowed christians to literary buy their â€Å"ticket† into heaven. This practice had become quite popular in the beginning of the 16th century. Martin Luther, the founder of the reformation objected to the basic tenets of the Roman Catholic Church, which entailed the clergy’s exclusive manadate to grant salavation. Martin Luther believed that a person’s salvation was dependent on an individual’s faith and not solely on priestly mediation. In addition, Martin Luther considered the Bible to be the true and ultimate source.

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