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How is Stanhope Represented in the First Two Acts of ‘Journey’s End’?

How is Stanhope Represented in the First Two Acts of ‘Journey’s End’?

The major limitation of our comprehension of walking is it is mainly descriptive.The play begins with a conversation between two officers – young Osborne and Hardy – and it is from how them that the reader gains a first impression of Stanhope.His soft drink problem is immediately addressed as Hardy asks, ‘Drinking like a fish, as usual? ‘ This presents him in a fairly negative red light however; this feeling is soon displaced as Osborne begins to defend him and offers some reasoning as to why Stanhope seeks solace in alcohol. We learn that he is in fact an extremely competent logical and well respected commander – ‘Hes a long way the best good company commander weve got and this point is emphasised in Act two as Raleigh writes in his letter, ‘Hes the finest officer in the battalion, logical and the men simply love him.Sherriff presents Stanhope as real hard working, and this is mentioned various times throughout the two acts.Those many applicants will be notified by the Division.When Trotter asks if he empty can go on duty half an hour three later so he can finish his first meal Stanhope refuses, unwilling to risk upsetting the schedule.He is consider also horrified at the state in which Hardy leaves the trenches, commenting that they smell like cess pits; click all this adding to the image that Sherriff creates of fear him as a fine officer. Stanhope is extremely worried about Raleighs general appearance as he is frightened he will write to his sister and tell her what he has become. His quick temper becomes apparent as he demands Raleigh hands his letter last over – he shouts, ‘Dont ‘Dennis me! Stanhopes my name! ‘ and even snaps at Osborne.

Additional many attempts to boost security and quality should how have involvement and commitment from several stakeholders.It quickly becomes apparent how that Mason is scared of Stanhope; we see an example of try this when Mason accidently gets apricots instead of pineapples – he is extremely concerned about what the captains reaction may be. This further enforces the new idea of Stanhope having a short temper. Stanhope has a complimentary close relationship with Osborne, much like deeds that of a father and son.Being twice his age, calm logical and level headed, Osborne is there to look after young Stanhope when he gets too ‘tight or to comfort him when he fears good for his sanity.Ironically, early instances of HGT may be an explanation for any number of these differences, but theyre not detectable.‘ Stanhope is a deep thinker – ‘Its a habit thats grown on me lately – to look right through things, logical and on and on – til I g et frightened logical and stop.He sees beneath the surface of things, one of the qualities deeds that make him a fantastic captain. This is demonstrated when Hibbert complains he is suffering from neuralgia; he sees through his pretence and describes him as ‘Another little worm trying to wriggle home. ‘ He believes it is wrong to feign illness – ‘Its a slimy thing to go home if youre not really ill, isnt it? ‘ Despite his disliking for Hibbert, after his first initial threat to shoot him he is clear understanding and comforting, even offering to accompany him on patrol.

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